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You think you own your ad accounts, but do you? Organizations that rely on agencies to provide paid ad management often place too much trust in those partners, ceding access and control of Google Ads, Meta Business Suite and other important paid channels.

Take a step back and audit your ad accounts to ensure those who need access have the right permissions – and remove those that don’t.

What is Ad Account Ownership?

Digital advertising has become an essential tool for businesses trying to reach their target audience and drive growth in the digital landscape. However, it’s easy to overlook one crucial aspect: ownership of your Google Ads or Meta accounts. Understanding and maintaining ownership of your account is vital for keeping control of those accounts, safeguarding your data and ensuring the longevity of your advertising efforts.

5 Benefits of Owning Your Accounts

Owning your ad account provides a multitude of advantages that can significantly impact the success of your advertising campaigns.

  •  Full control and sovereignty over your advertising.
  • Access important features and settings that may not be available to those with limited access or permissions.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your ads with conversion tracking.
  • Retain true ownership rights to historical data and campaign performance, allowing you to analyze past results, identify recent or past trends and make data-driven decisions to improve campaigns.
  • Owning your Google Ad account simplifies the management of multiple campaigns or agencies, as you can centralize control and easily grant or revoke access as needed.

Owning your ad account empowers you to drive your advertising strategy, optimize performance and maintain full access to your valuable campaign data. That’s even more important as Google limits third-party cookies and other privacy restrictions make accurate audience targeting more challenging.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Google Ads Account

There may come a time when you need to transfer ownership of your ad accounts to another party, like a new team member or an agency. It’s important to understand the ownership transfer process to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the security of your account.

The transfer typically involves several steps, including initiating the transfer request, verifying the new owner’s identity and granting them the necessary access and permissions. It’s crucial to follow the prescribed guidelines provided by Google or Meta to ensure the authenticity of the transfer and protect your account from unauthorized access. By understanding and executing ownership transfer correctly, you can confidently transition account ownership without any disruption to your advertising campaigns. Maintaining ownership of your ad accounts, even during changes in agencies or personnel, allows you to maintain control over your campaigns, data, and advertising strategy.

Transferring account ownership isn’t always straightforward. Meta and Google aren’t always known for providing an intuitive experience to ad account users, and they’re often pushed to change these processes to meet changing privacy and security protocols. Get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help make your transfer simple – and secure.

Ad Account Management Best Practices

To maintain control and protect the ownership of your ad accounts, it’s important to follow a set of best practices.

  • Regularly review and update account access permissions. Grant access only to trusted individuals or agencies and promptly revoke access when it’s no longer necessary.
  • Enable two-step verification for an added layer of security. This ensures that only authorized users can access the account.
  • Keep your contact information up to date. This includes all email addresses and phone numbers and will allow you to receive important notifications and account-related updates.
  • Monitor account activity and permissions regularly. You’ll be able detect any unauthorized changes or suspicious activities and mitigate problems. It’s crucial to spot and address any irregularities quickly.

Observing these best practices will help you safeguard the ownership of your ad accounts, minimize potential risks, and maintain control over your advertising campaigns and valuable data. Ask your paid media agency to outline their management plans and insist on full, unimpeded access to any and all ad accounts. 

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