An Artificial Intelligence Manifesto: Using AI Responsibly

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The internet is constantly changing  – and so is how content is made. Like many organizations, Oneupweb has been closely monitoring the use of AI in everyday tasks to evaluate the benefits, risks and implications of fast-changing AI capabilities. AI technology is advancing rapidly, and while we believe its primary role will be to empower, not replace, our team of marketers, we know the long-term impacts are impossible to accurately predict. 

Instead of issuing a blanket statement that outlines how we’re using AI at any given point in time, we’ve created a manifesto to share how we intend to use AI, and how we’ll continue to create user-focused experiences.  

Manifesto (noun): a public declaration of policy and aims. 

AI Is Everywhere (And Has Been for a While)

Google’s predictive search text? AI. Photoshop’s Magic Eraser tool? AI. Marketers are no stranger to using AI to help us work more efficiently. AI tools have been a part of the digital experience for decades – what’s changed is the generative capabilities of large language models like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.  

The rapid adoption of these tools has accelerated content creation while blurring important distinctions on fair use, copyright infringement and intellectual property law. Without regulation, how can businesses use AI ethically and responsibly? Without clear standards, how can an organization leverage the benefits of AI while mitigating the risks, both known and unanticipated?

Our Commitment to the Responsible Use of AI 

Oneupweb has delegated a core committee to test, evaluate and analyze existing and emerging AI software and applications. This team is also tasked with providing guidance for our internal teams and educating our clients on the ethical and safe uses of artificial intelligence. Using resources from OpenAI, Google and other industry leaders, we’re invested in using this technology the right way – and sharing what we’ve learned to benefit everyone in our network.  

It’s important to remember that LLMs (Large Language Models) don’t create anything; they’re designed to organize and present existing information to meet specific user demands. AI tools are experts at shaping content – content that was originally created and published by billions of individuals and organizations. To date, they seldom accomplish that task perfectly.  

As an experienced team of digital marketers, we’re experimenting and evaluating how to use AI assistants while prioritizing human experience  – we’re focused on communicating to the person reading or watching our content.  

Our Guiding AI Principles

  1. We believe artificial intelligence (AI) is a valuable, ever-changing tool we can use to expedite, streamline and multiply our efforts. 
  1. We understand the limiting and concerning aspects of AI and will consider those factors in our decisions. 
  1. We believe AI to be assistive but not autonomous; no final product will be 100% produced by AI. 
  1. Individual team members are accountable for decisions and actions produced by AI under their instruction. 
  1. Continued transparency, education and experimentation is critical to maintaining a proactive and productive approach to AI. 
  1. We believe humans are integral to producing creative, engaging, intelligent, human-centered content in all forms. 
  1. We will prioritize educating our teams, our clients and our industry on the responsible use of AI tools.  
  1. We believe AI is not, and never will be, a replacement for humanity. 

A Human-First Approach to Artificial Intelligence

It’s already a well-worn maxim; AI won’t steal your job, but someone using AI will. At Oneupweb, we are excited about this technological advancement because it will allow our expert marketers to amplify their work to support their clients. Rapid changes in any field reward those willing to learn, test and explore – and that’s exactly what we’re doing at Oneupweb. 

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