Franchise Success: Community Impact

The last time we discussed franchise marketing, we broke down five strategies to harness local search results to increase both mobile traffic to the individual franchisee locations and otherwise help round out a comprehensive franchise marketing strategy.

Today, we look at three franchises—Build-A-Bear Workshop, Panera Bread and Little Caesars— that provide a major impact—locally.  Both on the economy and in the communities in which they operate:

  • Build-A-Bear: “Stuffed with Hugs.” Stuffed with Hugs is one of Build-A-Bear Workshop’s many charitable efforts. It organizes the community to come together, build some bears and donate them to help children in need and those affected by natural disasters and other emergencies. It’s been operating since 2001 and has gotten some 325,000 teddy bears into the hands of children who, for one reason or another, really needed a hug and a friend.
  • Panera Bread: “Day-End Dough-Nation.” At the end of each day, local Panera Bread locations donate all unsold bread to local hunger relief agencies and charities. Last year alone, local Panera Bread franchisees donated $100 million in food (retail value) to hungry persons in their communities.
  • Little Caesars: “Veterans Program.” The world’s largest carry-out pizza chain had its humble beginnings in Garden City, Michigan in 1959. The effort offers significant financial assistance to honorably discharged veterans to encourage and help them start their own Little Caesars franchises. This year, to mark the program’s 7th anniversary, Little Caesars offered military service vets free food at their local locations across the country.

The corporate arm of franchises can be a boon in helping the local communities in which they operate. But, like any effort, it must be thoroughly thought-out and planned. And while we’re not trying to overshadow the charitable nature of these efforts, it’s very important that franchises initiating “giving back” programs or policies stay true to themselves and follow through with consistent brand presence.

Have you thought about what your franchise can do to help your community? A strong community commitment strengthens your franchise marketing efforts, and Oneupweb can help. We just published a white paper for franchises on The Importance of Brand Consistency that offers marketing insights into brand consistency as well as industry best practices for choosing the right marketing partner.