How to Improve Social Media Presence

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There are several ways to improve your company’s social media presence. By being human, understanding your audience and keeping the conversation going, you can get more out of the time, energy and budget you put into social media platforms.

Apply these guidelines to your strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and more.

Three Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence

We’re going to focus on three ways to improve the quality of connection that brands offer their follows on social media channels. The key to effective social media marketing is right in the name: be social.

Be a Human, Not Just a Brand

Social media’s main purpose is to bring people together. Many users access platforms like Facebook to connect with old friends, family and people who share similar interests. Brand managers and business leaders should remember that the digital space is more like a living room than a shopping mall. If you blurt out promotions and tout products, it’s easy to turn off followers. People are accessing these channels to have a conversation, not to be a conversion statistic.

So engage, educate, entertain, retweet and ask questions. Make sure your social media staff and/or partners are dedicating enough time to their craft. Keep the conversation going, and treat followers like friends. While staying true to your brand voice, you can beat many of your competitors simply by interacting like a real human being … because you are one, right?

Aim for Quality over Quantity

Most people would gladly trade 10,000 followers for 100 friends. There is certainly something to be said for having a ton of eyes on your social media channels. But you’ll get so much more value from having followers who advocate for your brand and share your content.

So, there are a few ways you can aim for quality over quantity:

  • Make every post well-crafted and relevant to your audience. Post as often as possible while maintaining that quality.
  • Take the time to create visual media like infographics and video. It’s more share worthy.  
  • Focus on engagement metrics (e.g., organic engagement rate) instead of vanity metrics (e.g., followers).
  • Identify the people who are consistently keeping tabs on your stuff, and connect with them personally.

Here’s an example of that last tip: Facebook unveiled the Top Fan Badge in 2020, which allows brands to highlight their most engaged users. Start by making sure your page has the feature turned on, and then engage with those top fans specifically by adding them to a special Facebook Group to offer insight on new products and post discount codes. You can take a similar approach on other platforms by following and engaging with your most involved followers.

Don’t have enough internal resources to pull off the social media strategy you dream about?

Incentivize Actions and Conversions

Of course, conversions matter too. We’ve already talked about rewarding your biggest fans on social media. You can also incentivize the other, less-excited users to engage with your content and/or make a purchase. Hold a competition on social with coupon prizes, have a short sale, utilize social shopping tools, and so on. If a user buys your product after finding it on social media, consider including a “tell your friends” social share link in your confirmation email that’s tied to a referral incentive. Analyze which of your products or services sells the most on (or referred by) each social media platform, and adjust your strategy from there. For example, a B2B software company is likely to find the most success with promotions they run on LinkedIn, versus Instagram.

Improve Social Media Strategy

The most important tool for improving your social media presence is a comprehensive strategy. Your entire marketing team should plan this strategy, aligning it with other marketing channels such as paid media and SEO. Book a regular meeting on your calendars to evaluate performance and improve the plan.

We advise discussing the following items while creating your social media strategy:

  • A quarterly, semi-annual, or annual content calendar (potentially for all content marketing, versus only social media)
  • High-level social media goals
  • Measurable objectives that lead to reaching those goals
  • A list of assets needed from a graphic design team
  • A list of brand ambassadors, influencers and staff who can push content as needed

When used correctly, social media helps marketers build lasting relationships with their audience. So always create ways to acknowledge your followers, provide helpful resources and give away some freebies.

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