Does My Landing Page Suck? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself

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Your media buys are targeted.  Your ad creative – brilliant.  The click-through-rates have never been better… but leads aren’t pouring in.  My friend, your landing page just might suck.

Ask yourself these 7 questions to start building more successful landing pages, and get the most out of your ever diminishing advertising budget.

1. Is My Landing Page Clear?

Use a clear title, description, and layout to instantly convey the value of your offer and create a strong incentive for your visitors to download or sign up for it.

2. Are There Distractions?

Keep your visitors focused on filling out your form by removing all distractions, including navigation links, from the landing page

3. Can My Landing Page Be Shared?

Include social sharing links to encourage your visitors to spread the word about your offer.

4. Am I Collecting The Best Information For My Sales Team?

Design your forms to capture the information that you need the most in order to follow up with and qualify the lead.

5. Is My Form User Friendly?

Structure the forms with the user in mind so they’re not too long or invasive.

6. How Is My Follow-Up?

After they have filled out your form, follow up with your new leads by directing them to a “thank-you” page or sending them an auto-response email. Keep them engaged by suggesting other offers they might be interested in or next steps they can take.

7. Am I Improving Performance?

Track your conversion rates closely, and keep testing to find areas for improvement. Use your metrics and test results to optimize your landing pages so they continue to generate more leads.

These 7 questions are directly aligned with our partner, Hubspot’s, Basic Optimization Techniques, and the foundation that our Conversion Analysts and Web Designers use when consulting our clients on landing page optimization.

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