Best Practices for LinkedIn Paid Ads for Your Business

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Audiences on LinkedIn are professional and have twice the buying power of the average online audience. Deciding to advertise your business on LinkedIn can be a great choice.

This blog will cover LinkedIn advertising best practices, as well as LinkedIn ad types.

Did you know? As of January 2020, 663.3 million people can be targeted with LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn Ad Types

Before we get into LinkedIn paid ads best practices, it’s important first to understand the four main types of LinkedIn ads. Your campaign capabilities can vary dramatically depending on the LinkedIn ad type you choose.

The different LinkedIn ad types include:

  • Sponsored content: This ad type encompasses native advertisements in the LinkedIn feed on desktop and mobile. Sponsored content comes in the form of image, video or carousel ads.
  • Sponsored messaging: This LinkedIn ad type allows you to get in touch with your audience through direct messaging. Sponsored messaging comes in the form of message ads and conversation ads.
  • Text ads: This ad type allows advertisers to generate quality leads on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression basis.
  • Dynamic ads: This ad type is highly personalized for your audience. Customize your ads for your marketing goals and automate individualized campaigns at scale.

LinkedIn Paid Ads Best Practices

Your LinkedIn paid ads are only as good as your strategy. Keep reading for some of our expert LinkedIn best practices. Using these tips will increase your lead generation and help you see firsthand the ROI of LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn paid ad best practices:

  1. Write ad copy with your audience in mind. The best LinkedIn ads are the ones that have been personalized specifically for your audience. They also have clear, actionable calls to action (CTAs).
  2. Iterate. Within each campaign, create 2-4 ad variations to monitor. As time goes on, use your campaign data to determine which of the variations are performing best. Pause the ads with the lowest clickthrough rate (CTR) to help make the most out of your ad budget.
  3. Use targeting to your advantage. LinkedIn offers extensive targeting options to help you create ads that resonate with your specific audience.
  4. Bid competitively. Set your bid at the high end of the Suggested Bid Range. You’ll be more likely to win the ad auction and get your ad seen by qualified LinkedIn users.

Consult Paid Media Professionals

Whether you’re interested in LinkedIn paid ads, Google advertising or other social media and digital ads, our paid media team is ready to help you. Oneupweb understands the nuances of operating and monitoring LinkedIn paid media campaigns, as well as paid campaigns on other platforms. Reach out to us today at (231) 922-9977 to start the conversation!

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