Best Google Fonts for Websites… Or Love Letters

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Note: Our designers originally wrote this blog with Valentine’s Day in mind, suggesting good fonts for love letters or digital marketing materials for the holiday. However, we like these romantic fonts any time of the year!

For many people Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. A day for gratuitous romantic gestures, chocolate gorging and self-care.

Oneupweb designers like to gush over a personal love: web fonts. These romantic Google fonts are sure to impress.

Romantic Google Fonts


Tall letters with a slight curve make for a friendly font. This font is so strictly sans-serif it doesn’t even bother with extra lines, instead choosing to bend the letter instead of beginning a new stroke.

Open Sans

The internet seems to love Open Sans, and it’s a love that’s well earned. This font has all the seriousness of a good sans-serif, with the gentle slopes of a serif (check out the t and the f). It’s definitely one of the best Google fonts.


If you love Ubuntu for its curves, then maybe you’ll love Cabin for its solidity. Round o’s and vertical j’s make this font appealing. It’s not the most flowery of romantic fonts, but we like it.

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Barlow is a modern, slightly rounded typeface that feels friendly while being incredibility versatile. Google calls this a “superfamily” and has this organized this font into three distinct families (Barlow, Barlow Condensed, and Barlow Semi Condensed). Each of which has 18 styles, for a total of 54 options that pair seamlessly together. All together, Barlow make it easy to customize a variety of different type styles across projects.


Well known and loved across the internet, this romantic font hasn’t worn out its welcome yet. Relatively large and curvy, this font is another personal favorite of Oneupweb designers.


Lora is a beautiful font and great for body copy. It’s wide, slightly wavy and friendly. The wavy feeling gives it the perfect amount of whimsy. If it looks familiar, that’s because you see it on our website. You know it’s one of the best Google fonts for websites when a website design and development company is using it!


Merriweather is another that’s commonly mentioned in Google web font discussions, and for good reason. This is a beautiful, thin serif that needs little explanation.

An Eye for Romantic Fonts and More

Our graphic design team loves fonts just as much as they love helping our clients with digital marketing.  Whether you’re choosing a romantic font for a love letter, or you’re considering updating your website and branding (psst reach out to us if you need help), these fonts are sure to impress.

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