Our Client-Onboarding Process

Here’s a look at the way the Oneupweb team gets up to speed about you, your business and your brand so we can do the things we do so well for you.

 Quick Takeaways:

  • Our onboarding process starts during what we call “discovery”—a preliminary phase where we ask you questions about you, your brand and your business
  • After signing, we’ll schedule a kick-off call and you’ll meet your project team
  • Getting access to your brand collateral is a critical component of your project’s success


Our goal is to become an extension of your business’s marketing arm. That means we’re looking for total brand immersion. We want to know what you know and think how you think so we can come forward the right marketing tactics and strategies that will meet your business objectives.

With that said, the onboarding process starts in discovery. You have a marketing need and you’ve called on us to help—that’s great! From there, we start doing some preliminary research:

  • Vetting the opportunity internally—as much as we want to help as many people as we can, because the discovery process is intensive, we want to focus our efforts on the best opportunities
  • Diving into your website, specifically looking at the About Us section and your blogs to get a feel for who you are and what you do
  • Taking a quick look into your competition to assess how you stack up against them, both from a design and usability lens and from a messaging and product offering frame
  • Checking out your social media efforts and other offerings

We’ll also set up a discovery call with you and your team. There’s no better way to experience your brand and your business than by hearing the way you describe it. During the call, expect us to start off by asking for your business’s story—told in your own words.

After hearing from you, the discovery session’s focus zeroes in on your specific needs. What prompted you to reach out and call us? If it is something like paid media, the conversation will steer toward your efforts in AdWords, the Google Display Network, content amplification efforts, etc. If it was something else, the conversation will tailor itself toward that (be that content marketing, social, web design, branding, etc.).

By the end of the call, we’ll be armed with enough information to regroup as a team and come back to you with a digital marketing proposal specific to your needs. Hopefully, we’ll be what you’re looking for, and if that’s the case, then it’s time to for us to handpick and onboard your project team.

Your Project Team

Shortly after you sign, we’ll schedule a kick off call where you’ll meet your project team. Depending on how extensive of a discover process, you may already be familiar with some of them—which is good, that saves time.

In most cases, your project team will consist of:

  • An account manager
  • A project manager
  • A support and strategy team/person
  • Specialists (depending on your needs)

    Content Marketing Quest Delegate
    Your project team could look something like this, except that they will be real people and not drawings of people.


The account manager is your living representation of you and your brand and is your primary point of contact. The project manager is directly responsible for work product. Specialists, such as designers, videographers, business strategists and planners are brought in to produce the actual media, material or campaign collateral, based on the specific project.


What We Need From You

To round out the discovery process, we look to you to provide us with any marketing materials or collateral that may be useful for our efforts.

Here’s a list of common things we receive from clients:

  • Brand style guides
  • Persona information
  • Market research, even if it’s a couple years old
  • Business goals, objectives and plans

(If you’re realizing that you don’t have any of these materials, that’s okay, too. It’s even something we can help you create—just check out our research and strategy services for more information.)


Then What?

From there, it’s up to us. To give you an idea about what it takes to get up to speed, yesterday I spent a good portion of my morning reviewing the following materials:

  • Brand personality documents
  • Brand compass
  • Quarterly magazine sent out to this client’s customer base
  • My own notes taken during discovery and kick off
  • The most recent social media activity, news and posts
  • Style guides, brand voice guides and market research

All in anticipation of helping support a project that will involve the following deliverables:

  • Brand and content audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Social media strategy
  • 12-month editorial calendar
  • Ongoing content marketing collateral development and creation

As we ready the deliverables for your review and approval, there will be periodic check ins and meetings—both internally with the project team and with you and your team. We want to keep the project as collaborative as it can be, while we each rely on each other to hit deadlines and meet milestones.

If you want to learn more about what we do to get up to speed on our clients, feel free to ask comment or connect with us on social. In the meantime, check out our client portfolio—we’ve been privileged to work with some great brands and businesses. If you’re ready to talk now, contact us.


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