Are You Ready For Holiday Success? 5 Tips for Paid Media Success

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With the 2014 holiday shopping season quickly approaching, you MUST ensure that you have a thorough strategy for your Paid campaigns. Now is the time to meet with your project managers to discuss the specifics of your upcoming campaigns. Online shopping continues to break previous year records for Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are a few suggestions for a successful 2014 holiday season.

 Plan and then plan and then plan some more

Start by analyzing your campaign performance from the previous year. What worked well and what didn’t? You should look at top performing products, keywords and ad copy along with current trends within your market. Also, think of a good incentive (such as free shipping or half-off additional items) to close the sale. It is expected that 70% of online retailers will provide free shipping this holiday season. We strongly recommend differentiating your brand from your competitors and this is just one way to do so.


If you’re not currently remarketing to your website visitors, you’re definitely missing out on a huge opportunity to close a sale or lead. Bucket your consumers into specific segments and develop and serve creative that resonates with each of these segments to get the most out it. Targeting ads to the standard shopping cart abandoner is a good strategy when you have an enticing offer, but you can also segment your customers that visit specific pages of your site or specific products that you want to push this season.

 Go Mobile or Go Home

Mobile search and revenues continue to have one of the largest impacts on search through the first two quarters of 2014. This trend is definitely going to continue into the holiday season and you must take advantage of it. According to IBM’s research 43% of site traffic will come from mobile devices. You must keep the end user in mind when developing your mobile strategy. Because mobile devices are innately personal your messaging should be as well.

 Google Shopping

Google shopping campaigns have seen great performance over the past year. And if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to update your campaigns to the new Shopping campaign. Google will begin transitioning the old PLA campaigns over the coming weeks. This will give you the opportunity to optimize your campaigns before peak season. Create custom labels for your seasonal items so you can set specific bids on these items. If your Google Shopping campaigns are humming along, try Bing Product Ads. This is a great way to provide additional revenue from consumers shopping outside of the Google network.

 The Underutilized Social Networks

This is a great way to reach a new audience or tell current customers about the great deals they can expect from you this year. This can be accomplished through paid advertising or through natural posts that are free. Try running a contest or promote your new fall product line and generate buzz. These channels also offer remarketing and custom audiences so you can segment and send specific creative to the right consumer at just the right moment.
If you follow our holiday recipe for success, we’re confident you’ll have a successful 2014 holiday season!

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