Monday Marketing Minute: Getting an SSL Certificate

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Every Monday, marketing experts from Oneupweb take a minute to talk about industry tips and tricks, new and noteworthy trends, and more.

This week we sit down with Ashley Mugnolo and Gillian Cobb to discuss why you need to buy an SSL Certificate for your site before July 2018, the penalties for not having one, and more! Check out the full transcript below the video and find all of our Monday Marketing Minute series here.

Ashley: Hi and welcome to the Monday Marketing Minute, I’m Ashley Mugnolo.

Gillian: and I’m Gillian Cobb and today we’re taking a minute to talk about getting an SLL Certificate for your website.

A: Having an SSL Certificate simply means that the data transferred between your site and the server will be encrypted to protect your web traffic from being modified by a third party.

G: Beginning in July, Chrome will start labeling all sites without an SSL certificate as unsecure. This label comes complete with a warning message for the user and a caution logo letting your visitors know that your website is unsafe.

A: Google has also said that sites with an SSL Certificate are currently getting a boost in through rankings compared to those without one, and who doesn’t want a good boost in rankings. Am I right?

G: Right! To prevent your site from being labeled as unsecured come July, you’ll want to reach out to your development agency or hosting company to discuss purchasing an SSL Certificate as soon as possible. Don’t have someone running updates on your site? Reach out to the team at Oneupweb.

A: And that’s a wrap, folks.  Tune in next week!

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