The Rise of Video Marketing

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Lumberjack video guy explains why video can’t be ignored

While a catchy tagline and a polished image in a magazine might have captivated an audience in years past, the days of static content have gone by the wayside. In fact, we consumers spend more time than ever interacting with screen media, averaging over 11 hours each day. While television was previously the most common source of screen time (limiting our media consumption to when we were home in our living room), we now carry our screens with us around the clock in the form of laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

In addition to ease-of-accessibility, there’s also a whole lot more content to be consumed. With 400 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s no wonder we can’t break away from our screens.

For marketers, this means adapting static content to become more dynamic. After all, if your YouTube video was interrupted by an ad with a static image and a few lines about a product, it would be less than captivating.

The Success of Video Marketing

But is that ad that breaks into your YouTube video successful? Across the board, video marketing has proven successful for marketers. Video marketing has an impressive effect on the consumer, and here are the numbers to prove it:

Video marketing has tremendous potential. Whether you’re explaining to your audience how to cook a delicious dinner using one of your products or simply developing your brand, video marketing is a marketing strategy that has been proven successful time and time again.

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Why is Video Marketing So Successful?

What makes video marketing so impactful? Why are video advertisements so much more successful than static images paired with text? Here are a few reasons that video marketing is so effective:

  • Video is engaging – Which will hold your attention longer, a framed poster on the wall or an episode of a television series? While this is a drastic comparison, it’s true that the combination of audio and visual together makes video highly effective in retaining the modern user’s attention span. In fact, consumers are 27 more likely to click on a video ad than a static banner ad.
  • Video comprises all other mediums – Why does video outperform imagery, podcasts, infographics, and text? Because any of these mediums can be included in a video. As a digital powerhouse, taking advantage of diverse means of communication. If you choose one medium, choose the one that can do it all.
  • Video conveys things that static content can’t – While it might seem obvious, video can do a lot more than an image and text can do. Video allows the consumer to observe body language, verbal tone and other visual cues. Text and imagery can do this, but they rely on exact word choice and precise image selection to convey the same things.
  • Video content has less competition in the SERP – If you search for “How to prepare brown rice” in a search engine, your search will likely return hundreds of pages with text that say something about brown rice. But with fewer videos on the internet than written content, videos are 45 times more likely to rank on the first page of search results than text results, especially with proper SEO optimization.

No matter how well-written the copy or how beautiful the image, video still outperforms traditional media forms for many reasons.

Our Video Marketing Process

Ready to launch your brand into motion with video marketing? Our video marketing team uses motion graphics, 3-D animation, live action and more to make your business stand out. Through concepting, storyboarding and scripting, production and post-production, your ideas come to life in our work. Whether you’re aiming to convert your audience or fall in love with your brand, working with our team gets you just plain great video marketing.

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