Dryer Troubleshooting Tool Puts New Spin on Blog Strategy

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Mr. Appliance, the top appliance repair franchise brand in the US, needed to reach more middle-of-funnel prospects with their organic content strategy. Oneupweb developed a keyword strategy and the right type of content – an interactive tool! – to drive more organic leads for this client. 


The website’s existing resource content was focused on top-of-funnel topics, such as how-tos. Though blog traffic was fantastic, it wasn’t producing many repair appointments through organic search.

We needed to attract sessions from homeowners who were on the fence between DIY and professional appliance repair: in the troubleshooting stage. How do you reach those homeowners organically?

Scope of Work

  • Created a landing page optimized for “dryer troubleshooting” keywords
  • Mapped out dryer troubleshooting logic
  • Designed the tool and functionality
  • Fully developed the tool in a staging environment
  • Wrote eight new blogs to support the tool

We handed off the content, the code and an implementation guide to Mr. Appliance’s website partners.


Oneupweb developed a tool that provides homeowners with solutions to clothes dryer problems. More than 500 people search for “dryer troubleshooting” or “how to fix a dryer” every month in the US. We optimized the landing page for keywords like that. When these queries lead users to the Dryer Troubleshooting Tool on mrappliance.com, they can enter their appliance “symptoms” to get details about their issue.

the mr appliance dryer tool

The tool results are linked to 8 blog posts that provide more detailed troubleshooting tips. The landing page and the blog posts encourage the reader to contact their local Mr. Appliance for help with complex appliance issues.

The blogs were optimized for individual “dryer problem” keywords, especially those that are natural for voice search, such as “my dryer has a burning smell.”  ‘

Note: While we chose to focus on dryers first, we also did research for 8 future appliance troubleshooting tools.


The Dryer Troubleshooting Tool was implemented in January 2020 and started attracting traffic almost immediately. We were especially pleased with the organic sessions and conversions that came from the blogs linked from the tool. These blogs were implemented gradually between January and October 2019.

Tool + 8 Blogs Performance Summary

Organic search (Google Analytics):

  • Monthly organic sessions increased 412% (5,848 in Jan 2020 vs 29,936 in Jan 2021).
  • Monthly organic appointment forms averaged 5 in the first half of 2020. That increased to 5.3 in the second half. In Q1 of 2021, it increased to 12.

All channels (Google Analytics):  

  • There were 100 total annual appointment forms from these pages (January to January). That’s 42.9% of total blog conversions!

Here’s a look at session and conversion growth:

all traffic channel performance for mr appliance

In summary, it’s well worth it to make your content interactive, helpful and engaging! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mr. Appliance.

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