Real Property Management Case Study: Franchise Development

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Real Property Management is a nationwide leader in residential property management. Currently, the company has more than 300 franchise locations across the United States and Canada and is actively searching for high-quality leads who will become franchise owners.

See how Oneupweb’s paid media team increased lead volume and lead quality for Real Property Management.

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The Problem

Real Property Management was having trouble improving ad campaign performance during the early part of 2019. To improve lead generation of paid media marketing through Google Ads and LinkedIn, Real Property Management partnered with Oneupweb in early 2019.

RPM hired us because of our team’s proven record of success with franchise brands.

The Solution

We went to the drawing board. First, we performed a paid media account audit to see where we were positioned within each ad publisher. By analyzing results of previous campaigns, we identified new keyword opportunities in Ads and refined audiences within LinkedIn. While the primary goal of our strategies was to increase the quality and quantity of leads, we also employed Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) testing to complement. Throughout the years, Oneupweb has improved ad campaign results by using an integrated CRO strategy to improve the on-page experience and conversion KPIs.

Here are some of the refinements we made based on the audit:

  • Google Ads
    • Checked and removed duplicate keywords
    • Expanded keyword targeting
    • Removed underperforming ad variations
    • Created new ads with copy variations to test
    • Identified opportunities to reduce cost per lead
  • LinkedIn
    • Created alternative ad copy
    • Refined audiences
    • Identified new audiences for testing

CRO Test Example

The Results

Once campaign optimizations and new campaign strategies were implemented, we started seeing performance improvements right away.

(Data comparison is January – April 2019 vs. January – April 2020.)

Year-over-Year Improvements

  • 291% increase in conversion rate
  • 50% increase in lead volume
  • CPA reduction of 18%

2019 Account Performance

  • 27,500 clicks
  • 5.34% CTR
  • 1.14% CVR
  • $130 CPA

2020 Account Performance

  • 10,580 clicks
  • 2.68% CTR
  • 4.48% CVR
  • $107 CPA

Closing Thoughts

Oneupweb helped the Real Property Management team increase franchise leads while reducing the cost to generate those leads. We continued to improve conversion rates and lead volume by utilizing CRO strategies to maximize on-page behavior. And we had fun collaborating the whole time, carefully applying the RPM team’s insider knowledge and feedback.  

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