three marketers sit in an office room at a large desk chatting and gesticulating with their hands about a marketing project

Get Cooking with Ingredient Branding (Not Actually About Cuisine)

There are two laptops on sale. They’re almost identical, save one white and blue sticker on the model that costs just a few dollars more. That sticker says “Intel Inside.” For many consumers, that simple promise is worth splashing a little extra cash. And that’s ingredient branding. Even if you don’t sell electronics, branded ingredients…

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Doctor shows his healthcare website

Branding in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare organizations operate in a competitive marketplace where they’re marketing deeply personal and often high-stakes services. This combination of factors alone makes healthcare branding and marketing difficult, yet so important. Healthcare entities can no longer rely only on their physicians’ reputations and their geographic proximity. They must build a brand that’s trusted and familiar –…

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Tilley Distribution’s Merger & Acquisition Rebranding

If you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backward. In the wake of record-breaking M&A activity, brands are looking for ways to integrate diverse teams and create a new identity. Merger & acquisition rebranding demands introspection, deliberation and collaboration. Oneupweb has helped several clients navigate rebrands before, but our work with Tilley Distribution illustrates how to…

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Laura Payne sits with her wife kissing their child

Pride Marketing Chat

Oneupweb is definitely considered an LGBTQIA+ friendly agency. In the past, we’ve donated to the Up North Pride foundation in Traverse City. Our insurance benefits cover domestic partnerships as well as marriages. We make space for everyone in our office, and at our table. This year, we sat down with two of our LGBTQIA+ colleagues…

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What Is Brand Hierarchy?

Brand hierarchy describes how a company organizes its specific brands to best represent its services and meet the needs of its customers. Establishing a clear brand hierarchy can improve marketing performance, brand trust and authority, and each brand’s communication with its customers. Effective brand hierarchy is built on a strong strategic foundation. Grab your hammer….

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