The Best Marketing Newsletters to Subscribe to Right Now

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Busy marketers don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest news and industry insights. Let the best marketing content come to you by subscribing to the best digital marketing newsletters according to the Oneupweb crew.

Why Subscribe to a Newsletter?

Newsletters for marketers package up important topics from a fast-moving industry and deliver them on a relatively set schedule. Those emails are a reliable, concise source of the need-to-know information that helps marketers stay ahead of the curve and make strategic or tactical adjustments based on the changing whims standards of Google, Apple and the broader industry.

Full disclosure: We do a heckuva job with our own weekly newsletter, The Digital Digest. Make sure you subscribe!

Our Selection Criteria

We chose our favorite newsletters based on a few basic criteria. We’ll note that none of these newsletters asked or paid to be on this list – our picks are purposely based on what our teams read each and every day.

To narrow down the list, we asked 3 questions of each nominee:

  • Is this newsletter sent consistently?
  • Is this newsletter sent from (or includes links to) a reputable source/brand?
  • Why is this an interesting newsletter?

With all 3 questions answered, we chose our favorites and divided up the winners based on their marketing service subcategories:

  • Best business newsletters
  • Best SEO newsletters
  • Best PPC newsletters
  • Best social media newsletters
  • Best graphic design newsletters

Did we miss one of your favorites? Get in touch and we might add it to the list!

Our Top Marketing Newsletters, by Category

Our Favorite Business Newsletters

Morning Brew – Delivered daily

As Morning Brew nears its first decade, the daily business newsletter offers 10 industry-focused versions of its newsletter, including a Oneupweb favorite, Marketing Brew. Every email is quick, entertaining and easily digestible – it might be the best 5 minutes of your working day (unless someone brings donuts into the office).

Check it out.

No Mercy / No Malice – Delivered weekly

Professor Scott Galloway teaches marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business and hosts two successful podcasts, Prof G and Pivot. His weekly newsletter, No Mercy / No Malice, is a fresh take on business, technology and economics with a dash of humanity.

Get it every Friday morning.

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The Top SEO Newsletters

Rich Snippets – Delivered weekly

Created and curated by Traffic Think Tank, Rich Snippets is an excellent resource for new and veteran SEOs alike. The weekly blast offers a mix of industry news and technical expertise you’ll use. We also appreciate the consistent emphasis on technical SEO, too.

You’ll love it.

SEO for Lunch – Delivered weekly

Block off a few minutes every Tuesday for SEO For Lunch. The weekly email with relevant stories, tips and SEO resources is easily digestible during your midday break.

Get subscribed.

These PPC Newsletters Are Money

PPC Hero – Delivered daily (weekly digests also available)

PPC Hero is dedicated to paid search marketing and distills the most important channel updates and trends into a tidy daily newsletter. It’s a must-subscribe for dedicated PPC teams looking to keep up with changes to Google Ads and other PPC platforms.

Get it delivered.

Think with Google – Delivered bi-weekly (usually)

Who better to get paid search updates than the biggest PPC publisher on the planet? Think with Google covers a range of marketing topics but certainly leans heavily on paid topics. It’s a good fit for PPC teams that need to do a bit of everything for their clients.

Think about it.

Our Go-to Social Media Newsletters

Social Media Today – Delivered daily

Few things move as fast as social media. Our team relies on Social Media Today for platform updates, trends and fresh social media strategies to tighten up what we’re already doing. The SMT also does a great job of tying social media to wider marketing efforts, notably design and paid campaigns.

You’ll “Like” this newsletter.

Buffer – Delivered weekly

The Buffer newsletter includes a digest of the site’s most recent posts plus the top resources for marketers from around the web. You can also choose to get an email every time they post a blog if you just can’t wait a full 7 days!

Get it here.

Our Favorite Graphic Design Newsletters

Creative Bloq – Delivered daily

Graphic designers feed on inspiration, and the Creative Bloq’s design-focused newsletter is an excellent source of fresh ideas. The newsletter covers a range of visual and audio design topics, plus plenty of industry trendspotting to help design teams stay current.

Get creative.

UX Design Weekly – Yep, it’s delivered weekly

Start your week with a collection of graphic design news, tips and more. Expert designer Kenny Chen unleashes UX Design Weekly every Monday to help kickstart your creative ahead of the work week.

Subscribe here.

Digital Marketing Moves Fast. So Do We.

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