How to Display Google Reviews on My Website

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You’ve seen plenty of websites with a page of cherry-picked five-star reviews. But is that really convincing anyone? Probably not. However, there is a good way to embed Google reviews on your website to beef up your brand’s perceived value.

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How to Display Google Reviews on a Website

Reviews add social proof and authenticity to your brand. Once you have gathered reviews on your Google Business Profile, which used to be called Google My Business, it’s time to put them to work by embedding them on your website. Embedding Google reviews on a website requires either basic knowledge of the Google Business Profile API or your website CMS.

How to embed Google reviews on your website:

  1. Add a widget. Widgets are easy enough to install on most content management systems. WordPress, for example, has many Google review plugins that only require you to click the install button.
  2. Use the API. An API, or application programming interface, allows different software to communicate with one another on the back end. First, you’ll need to enable the Google Business Profile API so that your Google reviews can be visible on your website. Once it’s enabled, you can follow these steps to display all reviews or a specific review, as well as reviews from specified locations. Additionally, you can reply to reviews or delete a review reply. In other words, this functionality is control over your Google reviews on your website domain.

Important Rules for Your Reviews Page

Having reviews embedded on your website isn’t enough to add value to your brand; you’ll need to optimize other aspects of your digital presence to get reviews in the first place. First and foremost, make sure your Google Business Profile is updated and optimized to convert. You’ll need your GBP profile optimized to get your brand in front of your audience, yes, but you’ll also need your audience to click on the link to your website!

Leaving a review is your audience’s way of adding their voice to your brand and communicating their needs directly to your team. Whether their review is a five-star rave, a suggestion or even a complaint, it’s important that your audience feels heard. Have you ever skipped straight to the one-star review filter and noticed all the negative reviews seemed ignored by the brand and maybe even intentionally buried by them? That’s a big red flag, and it has motivated me to find another brand when I’m doing product research.

How to Manage Google Reviews Effectively

If you’re going to have Google reviews on your website, you want to put your best foot forward. Here’s how to manage Google reviews to make the best impression possible.

We recommend having some team members delegate some time every week to respond to customer reviews. Keep your tone friendly and be helpful and polite. Make sure your audience knows you’re there to help them, not trick them into buying a product or service from you that won’t live up to their expectations.

And, finally, have a strategy in place to request reviews from your audience. Reviews will help boost your rankings in local search results and they show your audience that you’re legit.

Where to Put Reviews on Your Website

There are lots of potential places to put reviews on your website. As long as you can add a widget or short code, you can place a review. Note: If you are a franchise or otherwise have multiple locations, make sure you include reviews only from each location in question on your franchise websites as opposed to reviews about other locations.

Some suggestions on where to put reviews on your website (you can use specific widgets or code to fashion these specific presentations):

  • Highlight positive reviews on your homepage. Alternate single reviews every so often or display a feed of handpicked reviews.
  • Add reviews to your About page. Select reviews that help position your brand as a partner. Use reviews in a way that facilitates conversations with your audience.
  • Add product-specific reviews to your product or services pages. Display reviews about your products or services on your product or service pages to show viewers how your offerings function in the wild.
  • Use reviews to show you’re listening. Maybe choose to highlight negative reviews that you’ve helped to resolve. Show your audience you’re willing to listen and change for them.

Now Get More Eyes on Your Website!

You deserve it. And when those eyes reach your website, they’ll see your embedded Google reviews and trust your brand even more. Our team is exceptional at managing audience feedback and embedding reviews on websites, so why not let us to help you put your best foot forward? Oneupweb is your do-it-all digital marketing partner. Give us a call at (231) 922-9977, or fill out get in touch.

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