New Music Tuesday – Microphone Check One Two What Is This? My Current Heavy Rotation Playlist

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Welcome to Oneupweb’s first weekly installment of all things music: Starting today and continuing every Tuesday, we’re releasing links to the music that the great staffers at our agency are listening to while killing it on their client projects.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to share your favorite new music in our comments section!

Okay, here we go…

Atlas Bound: Tell Me

Sexy synths overlaid with spacey, sultry vocals from down under, treated with a roomy, “less is more” production style. Get lost on their SoundCloud page.

Bibio: Lovers’ Carvings

This gentle, lilting folktronica song has an amazing intro that’s the kind of thing that inspires the spontaneous road trip. It’s been licensed by Google, Toyota and Amazon, and you still like it even after its commercial success. There’s a cowbell in there somewhere!

Kid Wave: Wonderlust

If there was any doubt remaining that we’re trying to relive the ‘90s, this should end it. This track takes me back to Hole and Garbage (whose lead singer is making post-Grammys news). Its super hooky and catchy guitars make me miss L.A. and Spaceland in Silver Lake (now The Satellite).

Elhae: Make It Last

This dude is making a name for himself in the experimental hip-hop genre. The Atlanta-based artist writes, produces and performs all of his own work. He taught himself how to play the piano and compose at a young age. Keep an eye out for this rising star – and happy head-nodding.

Kwabs: Perfect Ruin

Deep and powerful baritone that reverberates deep… You can feel him holding back, which I can only imagine requires a certain level of control given the extent of talent. This neo-soul singer is from South London, and for a kid that was in and out of state care, he still managed to attend the prestigious Royal Academy of Music. Stay tuned for his full-length album release, Love + War, scheduled to drop May 18.


It’s been fun putting together this list of songs that I currently have on rotation. For us, music plays a big role in creating an environment of comfort and creativity. I look forward to hearing what my colleagues are listening to while also hopefully hearing from you all on what you have on heavy rotation.


Fernando Meza

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