Monday Marketing Minute: Google My Business Verify, Update and Tag

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Every Monday, marketing experts from Oneupweb take a minute to talk about industry tips and tricks, new and noteworthy trends, and more.

This week we sit down with Freddy Hunt and Gillian Cobb to talk about how to get the most out of Google My Business for your company. Check out the full transcript with the video below and find all of our Monday Marketing Minute series here.

Freddy: Welcome to the Monday Marketing Minute. I’m Freddy Hunt.

Gillian: And I’m Gillian Cobb, and today we’re here to talk to you about Google My Business, or GMB.

F: There are four key items you want to focus on to get the most out of your Google My Business. Today, we’re talking about the first three, which are verify, tag and update your listing.

G: If you want to manage your local business information on Google Maps or in local search results, the first thing you will need to do is verify your page. Simply navigate to GMB and search for your business. Once you find your listing select verify.

F: Next, you want to take some time to update the information on your listing. Because if you don’t fill out the information, somebody else will. So, take some time on a regular basis just to make sure that it’s all up-to-date and accurate.

G: Now that you’ve verified and updated, it’s time to tag your listings. Tagging your website link with UTM parameters allows you to segment GMB traffic in Google Analytics. Check out the UTM parameters below that you will want to use and add these parameters to the end of the URL you have listed as your website in GMB. Done!

F: So, tune in next week when we talk about another hot tip, Google My Business Reviews.

Google My Business UTM parameters:

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