Oneupweb Client Snapshots: Tauck

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More than ever, people are turning to the web to plan vacations, generating a surge in traffic to travel sites. And Tauck, an award-winning travel and tour operator recognized by National Geographic Traveler, didn’t want to miss out.

But the competition was cutthroat and Tauck knew they needed a partner in mobilizing beyond other contending travel sites. Many generic travel terms are dominated by websites offering discount travel reservations and reviews, and determining the keywords that would have the greatest impact was critical to success. The seasonal nature of travel also requires precise and targeted campaigns to get noticed by the right people at the right time.


Oneupweb’s hospitality and tourism marketing experts meticulously monitored trends during the first year and made recommendations to extend a run of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns beyond the traditional five-month booking period, allowing Tauck to effectively generate greater sales volumes throughout the entire year. We put tracking codes into place in order to measure the success and conversion rates of individual campaigns, ensuring optimum performance.


  • Tauck experienced a 136% increase in leads after the first year working with Oneupweb
  • Tauk extened its booking season, providing more opportunities to generate leads throughout the course of the year, contributing to an overall 131% increase in leads within a year of running the paid campaigns
  • Rigorous analysis and actionable management of PPC budgets led to a 25% decrease in cost-per-lead, allowing Tauck to broaden ad spend, resulting in a flourishing ROI


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