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Autumn has officially arrived and that means rustic cooking. My favorite would have to be wood fire grilled pizza . For my birthday dinner that’s exactly what I ordered up, from the comfort of my home anyways. Going through the process of getting a good bed of coals for cooking on does take time. If you’ve ever went through the trouble of wood fire grilling then you can certainly relate. There truly is a more distinct flavor from the food this way. I’m no chef, I’ll be honest right up front, but I do however love a tasty meal even if it means cooking it myself. With hefty prices on some of our standby favorite foods eating in is more of the norm than ever.

It seems that as of late I’m not the only one complaining of higher prices at the market, gas pump or even online video streaming. Prices go up, sure they do, but please in moderation! I don’t care to eat Ramen Noodles and mac and cheese every night for dinner.

I taught myself with the help of some internet food savvy sites just how to accomplish a five star meal on a budget. Yet come to think of it probably even better than five star because my meal actually looks great, tastes terrific and has enough food on it to fill you up. Still for our family of three a trip to the market costs way more than I can stomach.

I’ve never liked the idea of holding up the line while I count out the exact amount of change, so I don’t. I use my debit card everywhere I travel for every purchase I can. So naturally clipping coupons wasn’t on my to do list for saving a buck. Getting stuck behind women at the market with their accordion file folders of coupons instantly gives me a migraine. More often than not a manager has to be called to approve doubling or combining of store and manufacture coupons. Talk about a hold up on aisle 3! I understand that because costs have gone up, marketing a new product or one that is priced higher than another may make converting new sales a bit tricky.

But really what good is handing out deals if they are going to the wrong people? These coupon hoarders are only in it for the discount and have no loyalty to your product. Are you truly earning a new customer? You need to keep the long term purchaser happy as well as grow that word of mouth advertising. If I like a product I buy it, and a coupon won’t sway me one way or the other. Brand loyalty means something to me even if paying a bit more for that product is necessary. I’ll figure out other ways to save so that I can continue buying what I love.

Make sure your company is on the right track when it comes to a product or promotion. Contact us for all of your search marketing needs. We’re able to do in depth research to place you in front of the right audience. Our analytic tools make sure you’re able to see the results, not just a bunch of numbers. We track and record everything so as the saying goes the proof is in the pudding.

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