Coming Soon: A Practical Guide to Google Local Listings for Franchises

If only you could get more traffic from Google…

If only Google would take you out from under their thumb…

If only you knew how much of your professional life would be catering to the whims strategic, user-centric updates of search engines…

Our upcoming guide does not provide insight into Google’s world domination plan, but it does offer practical, tactical steps to gain traffic from local search (if that is what you desire) and to make the most of the time you spend on local search marketing.

The highlights:

  • Identify Roadblocks. Make sure you identify which obstacles your users face prior to converting. Are they trying to figure out where you’re located? If you’re open? Are your reviews from a human or someone you paid?
  • Assign Ownership. Google My Business features different management levels: Owner, Manager, and Communications Manager.
  • Take an Inventory. Performing an audit of all your locations across various channels will help you identify holes in your local strategy.
  • To Aggregate or Not to Aggregate? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using a data aggregator.
  • Build Social Proof. It’s more important than local listing consistency.

Ready to learn more? Stay tuned!