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The Basic Elements of a Marketing Plan (with a Free Template)

Creating a yearly marketing plan is a crucial part of delivering results for your organization. Using an annual marketing plan template will give goals and objectives shape, define business priorities and serve as a central source of truth that is easily accessed all year long. While no two businesses are alike, our annual plan template…

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Storyboarding Tips for Marketing Videos & Free Storyboard Template

The Best Productions Start with Great Preproduction Have you ever gone grocery shopping without a shopping list? If you have, you probably know the feeling of walking out with a cart full of food and still forgetting the stuff you really needed. Filming a video is like making a trip to the grocery store. Your…

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Your PPC Monthly Report Template

Looking to create a monthly report to measure the success of your PPC campaigns? Smart! Frequent reporting will help guide your campaign optimizations and help turn data into action. Tools like Google Data Studio (now known as Looker Studio) make it easier to visualize Google Ads reporting and spot opportunities to improve. We made a…

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Get a Free Social Media Audit Checklist

It’s never a bad time to reflect on your social media strategy and make plans for what’s next. Take stock of your team’s social media marketing to evaluate success, prioritize platforms and plan ahead. Whether you still think of TikTok as the 2009 pop hit by Kesha or you’re a bit of an influencer yourself,…

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SEO PPC Pivot Table Template

You probably already know the benefits of aligning your organic and paid marketing campaigns. Congratulations! You’re ahead of the game. If you haven’t started integrating SEO and PPC efforts, now is a great time to start so you can start raking in that data. One of the tools we use to align our organic and…

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The SEO Site Launch Checklist

During a new website launch, aspects of technical SEO are easily overlooked – until it’s too late. The best way to avoid indexing errors, messy links, broken event tracking and other SEO problems is to create a well-defined website process with clear division of responsibility. That’s why our agency made this website-launch SEO checklist. The…

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Why Writing a Digital Marketing Case Study Will Convert All the People

Okay, maybe we took some poetic license with using the word “convert all the people.” However in a recent survey by B2B Marketing, of 112 marketers, two-thirds (66%) stated that case studies were “very effective” at driving leads and sales, and a further 32% found case studies to be “quite effective,” making case studies the…

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Create a Social Media Calendar and Keep Your Posts in Order

Social media marketing can feel unpredictable and overwhelming, but, like most marketing, it just requires data, strategy and forethought to be effective. Creating a social media calendar is a great first step that will motivate you to plan posts and your boosted content strategy each month, so you’re not left frantically scrambling for daily content…

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looker studio digital marketing report

Your Monthly Digital Marketing Report Format: Template and Walkthrough

Each month a gift arrives in your inbox. Your monthly digital marketing report! Regardless of what agency you work with, hopefully they’re providing you with reports. Digital marketing reports help businesses understand where traffic is coming from, where it’s headed and why it all matters. Oneupweb’s full monthly reports are endlessly customizable. Depending on the…

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How to Create a Content Calendar

At Oneupweb, we use a content calendar for our internal content marketing and build them out for clients. It’s more than just a way to keep track of content; it’s an all-encompassing content strategy that includes SEO-optimized blogs, engaging social content, on-brand videos and promotion tips. In this blog, we’ll explore how a content calendar…

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click through rate chart

Chart My Click Through Rate (CTR)

You’ve seen click-through rate models, but have you wondered how accurate they really are? The fact is that no two websites are exactly alike. Your content and the way you show up in search results is unique – and so is your click-through rate! We’ve developed an Excel template to help marketers chart their non-branded…

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