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In today’s world, the term overwhelmed has become the norm. While technology has transformed the way we work, it has also created a highly competitive marketplace and new set of expectations for employees, entrepreneurs and CEOs. To remain competitive, we have to maintain peak productivity with a do more, with less, in half the time mentality.

Some might argue that this new expectation has created a paradox that undermines efficiency. Our responsibility set has grown so much that we’ve become inefficient. We’re chipping away at thirty different tasks when we should be focusing on those three that will deliver the greatest gain—and with the relentless hours behind the desk, we’re drained mentally, physically and emotionally. We’re unable to recharge so we start obsessing over unfinished tasks, reaching goals and ultimately avoiding failure.

So how do we transform stress and overwhelm into inspired action and success? First, we need to realize the value of our relationships and partnerships. Ask any one of today’s most admired entrepreneurs, CEOs or leaders what they attribute their success to and you’ll likely learn that their success is a by-product of the people around them and the strategic partnerships that they’ve formed. They understand that these relationships can raise priorities, increase capacity and minimize risk.

Our CEO, Lisa Wehr, started Oneupweb as a design firm, grew it into a search marketing firm and eventually into the full-service digital marketing agency that we are today. She’s surrounded herself with some of the greatest minds in online marketing to help forge new strategic partnerships every day. We’d love to be your next strategic partner so here’s our initial introduction. Feel us out, pick our brain and let us demonstrate how we can help transform that stress and overwhelmed feeling into inspired action and growth.

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