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Heartbroken, disappointed…wallowing in sorrow. And the worst part is, I put this utter distress upon myself. Don’t worry this post is not some Live Journal entry…I never did see the point in emo genre posts, which is why I’ve never had a LJ account. I’m not crying for attention; I’m just bummed I failed.

So what have I done to become a failure? I murdered killed my first house plant. I didn’t intend for my rosemary bush to suffer; it just happened. Apparently when some plants are over watered they dry out…a little weird if you ask me. Looking at the brittle plant, I kept watering thinking I was rescuing it from dehydration, when in fact I was actually drowning my beloved potted friend. I finally took the scissors to the ill plant:

It’s not that I neglected my plant out of laziness. I was there for it, I swear. So where did I go wrong? Before bringing home my rosemary plant, I should have done some research, created a comfortable environment for it and made sure I knew its preferred feeding routine.

From this experience I’ve learned  that preparation is the key to success. This lesson can be applied to everyday life and it’s certainly a lesson to think about when you’re making your marketing decisions. Have you researched your target audience? Not that you can over water your consumer base, but you sure can over saturate them with intrusive ads that don’t appeal or relate to them.

Take the time to create a strategy on how to nurture your audience, so that you can deliver services and products that meet their needs. Believe me, it’s best to keep your loyal customers happy, because it’ll take some serious time to revive their trust in your brand. I’m in the midst of trying to heal the relationship between me and my rosemary plant…a resurrection/miracle may have to occur.

And although my hope is running low, I’m doing my very best to meet the needs of my dying dead plant. But sulking and dwelling on the situation isn’t helping; it actually enhanced my denial. Perhaps that’s a whole other lesson I’ve learned from this situation—accepting reality, by realizing my first attempt didn’t work and it’s time to start focusing my energy on a second go around with a new plant.

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