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It’s no secret that the internet has shrunk the world. Gone are the days of expensive long distance calling. With services like Skype and the new Facebook video calling feature you not only can speak to friends and family a continent away, but you can also tell them their new haircut is atrocious in real time.

There are of course all of the social sites to connect you with friends you already know from work, high school, college, the bar down the street from your house and that one guy your friend’s cousin’s sister introduced you to three years ago. But what if you are looking to branch out and meet people in a new area or with similar interests? Gone are the days of personal ads, for now they have migrated to the digital medium. If you want to find others who share your love of drinking wine and hiking, or take a stab at geocaching, you can find friends on sites like

Remember back in grade school when your teacher assigned you a pen pal, so you could write a letter to someone you had never met who lived in another state or another country? Well, that concept grew up and now there is LiveMocha where you can connect with many international pen pals and tutor each other in language. And unlike your second grade pen pal who only wrote you back once and talked about how much he loved his pet rock, the people on this site are mostly friendly and looking to try their hand at conversing with people fluent in a language that isn’t native to them.

Searching for love may bring you to sites like Match, PlentyofFish, eHarmony or tons of others. If you happen to be a gentleman who loves felines, you might want to check out Debbie (one at a time guys, you know the likes of her won’t be on the market for long). Video valentines aren’t exactly new and you can surely find someone who shares your interests (if you only click one link, click this one—it will amuse you, I promise).

A well crafted video might even snag you a celebrity date to the Marine Corps ball. Just don’t petition Mila Kunis, because she will already be attending on the arm of Sgt. Scott Moore.

So I guess the crux of my entry is this: Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, and don’t wait to experience life. We’re in an age where opportunities are only a click away, so if you want to learn a new language, try a new hobby or meet someone new, it’s more than possible. And Ryan Reynolds, even though we just learned you’re off the market again, if things change between now and the Traverse City Film Festival, give me a call and I’ll get you a ticket.

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