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How many of you have sat down to write a note, list, or the ever-important phone number of your super hot neighbor, and instead found yourself doodling all over the page? Chances are that, like me, you have.

I used to be ashamed of how often I doodled on pages. I thought to myself “I must have the worst A.D.D. known to man. I doodle even when I’m paying attention!” However, after reading an article all about doodling at A List Apart, I realized I was taking the habit for granted. The article discusses the importance of doodling. Doodling is perceived as a mindless activity, when in reality it’s been used by some of the most creative minds in history. The article goes into detail about how doodles are utilized, who uses them, and why they’re important to keep us thinking outside of the box. It also discusses why we see it as a bad thing and the many reasons why that’s just plain wrong.

Luckily for me, drawing silly pictures is part of my job. Part of designing is coming up with visuals, so no one looks twice if I’m scribbling. Many others don’t have the same luxury. Doodling is seen as wasting time, and is discouraged in most jobs. What many people don’t realize is how helpful doodling can be to rethink a problem in order to solve it. Sometimes that scribble of a monkey in the margin during a long meeting is the solution everyone’s been looking for. (Or maybe it’s just a monkey, who knows.)

Doodlers are everywhere. No matter occupation, age or circumstance. It’s a practice that’s applicable in all situations. Some people draw to better understand information. Others draw as a way of memorization. Some people doodle just to brighten up a bad day. Doodling is the key to thinking differently. I know it’s helped me with a problem or two.

So doodle on, you crazy thinker you.

A classic set of notes
Literally an every day occurrence on my notes

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