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It’s cold, rainy, and I have a bobby pin keeping the right side of my bangs from sticking straight out of my head. I have a presentation today, and an early morning text message from a well-meaning person wished me “good luck.”

I texted back:

“Thanks! On my fourth outfit – settled for khakis. Look like wind blown, unkempt park ranger. Enjoy your day.”

Coming into work, I also realized I have a blog due.

On days like this, coming up with a blog topic, let alone one that is relevant to search and interesting to the reader, is tough.

Thankfully, I have an arsenal of starred articles in my Google Reader that keep me inspired and up-to-date.

Here’s industry news that has caught the SEO team’s attention recently and what I’m excited to talk to my clients about:

  • Google’s Encrypted Searches: Google is taking an additional step to help prevent your search terms from being picked up by third parties, when you’re logged into Google.
  • 12 Creative Design Elements: What sites can look like now from just a few years ago is remarkable. This post highlights inspired web design.
  • Employing Microformats: has been getting a lot of attention lately and rightfully so. This article discusses the benefits of using microformats.
  • Blekko’s Web Grepper: While not automatically applicable to a project, I love it when an interesting reporting tool – especially from a search engine – is released.

After all, sharing and creating is what we do at Oneupweb each day. Whether we’re creating a social media campaign to increase the number of engagements, sharing free shipping codes via PPC, or Bringing Relentless Innovation to Michigan, Oneupweb can help—even if you’re having a bad hair day.

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