Oneupweb : What Can December 20th Teach Us About SEO?

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December 20th. It’s a day of monumental developments in human history. What can we learn about SEO from the breathtaking achievements of our culture through the years? SO MUCH. So much that you would not believe it. Believe it you will, though – come one, come all and stroll through the begonias of human history for tips on selling blue widgets.

December 20, 1192: Richard the Lion Heart Imprisoned

Richard the Lion Heart, also known as Richard I of England, was a leader of the Third Crusade. Retaking the Holy Land from the people who, uh, lived there, was certainly an ambitious goal. Richard poured himself into the effort and failed miserably. After reaching a peace with Saladin, he began the long trip back to England. Along the way, the Austrians decided to imprison him over some feud or whatever and they found him because, despite being disguised as a mere commoner, he insisted on eating roasted chicken (The power of Kenny Rogers Roasters was enormous even in the Dark Ages) instead of grass soup. The lesson here?

Keep your eyes open on all fronts. The competitor you don’t know in the brick and mortar world might be planning to roast your chicken in the online space.

December 20, 1803: The Louisiana Purchase

Sure, some people thought Thomas Jefferson was a bit crazy for buying a bunch of swamp land and plains from the clearly intoxicated Frenchmen running “New France”, but who is laughing now? Certainly not the mighty American economy fueled by the awesome power of the Mississippi River. Without the financial risks taken by Jefferson, Mark Twain would likely never have existed . From the cajun cuisine and lax open container laws of New Orleans to the reassuring blandness of the Dakotas, the Louisiana Purchase helped ensure the rise of the United States to Global Superpower. The lesson?

People might fight your attempt to invest in search engine marketing, but true visionaries know that great growth requires great investment.

December 20, 1946 – The popular Christmas film It’s a Wonderful Life is first released

December 20, 1951 – The EBR-1 in Arco, Idaho becomes the first nuclear power plant to generate electricity. The electricity powered four light bulbs.

It’s a Wonderful Life was famously received as a “mediocre to OK” film when released and certainly not marked for classic status. The first nuclear power plant ran four stinking light bulbs. And where are we now? Through relentless repetition, It’s a Wonderful Life is a cherished part of the Christmas culture, inspiring hundreds of drunken losers to NOT hurl themselves from a bridge every year. Nuclear power, despite a few snafus, has the ability to run entire countries. The lesson?

Greatness starts small sometimes. Let your efforts snowball and mature before calling them a failure.

And with that, I bid you adieu for the holidays.  Take these lessons to heart and call Oneupweb today for your search marketing needs.

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