3 Reasons to Love Email Marketing

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A laptop on a desk surrounded by plants.There are two sides of the fence when it comes to email marketing. One side loves it and has a strange addiction to it. The other, detests it. I’m almost positive that in the next six paragraphs I can give you a few simple tips that will convert you into an email marketing super-fan no matter if you’re the leery subscriber or skeptical marketer.

If you take a few steps away from your Outlook inbox, email marketing makes perfect sense. We love it when it’s relevant to us and when it delivers the answer we need. We hate it when it’s redundant, irrelevant and stuffing our inbox beyond capacity.

Here are three overwhelmingly simple tips that will get you on the path to using email effectively as a marketer and appreciating the email you receive.

#1. Pay Attention to Your Subscriptions. Marketers, Pay Attention to Your Subscribers.

Sounds simple – but most of us don’t do it. Next time you’re sitting at your computer screaming about spam and all the jerky, “wanna-be” marketers out there who are spending their day spamming you for the fun of it, stop.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen (or write yourself an email) and write down ten subscriptions you have opted to receive via email. Now multiply that number by five. Why multiply by five you ask – because you probably weren’t paying too much attention at the time you subscribed or thought you may really be interested in receiving additional correspondence from promotional partners. There’s your answer – this is why you get fifty emails on a daily basis that make you angry. You signed up for them.

If you don’t want them, simply work backwards and unsubscribe from those pesky messages you wish not to receive any more. The end result, fewer messages junking up your inbox and content that is actually useful to you put right under your nose on a regular basis.

Marketers – when you realize that your open rate has slumped into tenths of a percent and conversion is nearly non-existent, go boldly where no email marketer has gone before. Send out an email to your subscriber base and remind them blatantly that they opted to receive messages from you and give them an easy out.

The result will be a much tidier subscriber pool, soaring open rates, enhanced conversions and even more subscribers. How can that be? Here’s tip two.

#2. Allow Your Subscribers to Easily Forward Your Message.

You should always include a “forward to a friend” feature in your email campaigns. Always.

If you’re a marketer, put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes for a moment. You’re at your desk and up pops a great newsletter. One you actually read and interact with. While you’re reading it, you think of a colleague with similar interests and duties. So you hit the forward button in your email interface and your computer goes unconscious for five minutes and then crashes. Chances are, when your computer is back to health, not only will you never try to forward that newsletter on again you will probably hesitate to open it yourself.

Include the forward to a friend feature. It will eliminate this problem almost entirely and actually helps to grow your subscriber base without much work on your end. Engaged subscribers drive sales and spread good word of mouth for you. As a marketer, there is nothing you should covet more especially in the time of social networking and all things viral.

Email could very well be the beginning of your revolution if you play your cards right.

#3. Make It Relevant.

There are many ways to make sure that your email is relevant to your subscriber base. The first goes back to my first tip, keep a clean list and subscribers, use your due diligence and manage your subscriptions.

The second is to write a subject line that is eye catching and actually relevant to the content of the email. By eye catching, I don’t mean redundant use of the words “free”, “new”, “sale” or “discount”. Also, I could very well title this blog “Lloyd Carr Announces Retirement” or “Brittney’s 42nd Night On a Bender” and get a much heavier flow of traffic coming to read it. However, at first glance most would click away when they realized my content had nothing at all to do with the young and shameless.

Third, be clear and concise. As a marketer you have to remember how valuable your subscribers are. They invited you into their inbox. Don’t waste their time once you’re there because guess what, they won’t give it to you.

In a nutshell, email marketing works for both the subscriber and the marketer when you run a clean operation, make content easy to share and keep things fresh and relevant. Go forth subscribers and marketers – make your email campaigns and Outlook inboxes work for you.

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