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The Tools for Successful Web Page Optimization: Beyond the Minute

There’s science behind the SERP. Results brought to the top of a Google search are there after careful web page optimization. It’s a little keyword research, a sprinkle of image attributes and a dash of coding that makes up the secret formula for a well-optimized page. Lucky for you, this blog has all the web…

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Twitter Remarketing: It’s Awesome & You’re Ignoring It

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about what a slam dunk Twitter cards could be for your business and how ridiculously easy they are to set up. It went over like a lead balloon. I believe it was officially the least viewed blog post I’ve ever written. (I’m totally not offended. But Twitter…

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franchise marketing playbook updated with post covid 19 data for franchisors seeking marketing help

The Franchise Marketing Playbook

Franchise marketing starts at the top. As a franchisor, it’s up to you to set the tone for your corporate brand and help franchisees find ways to translate that tone for local marketing campaigns. With over two decades of experience providing franchise marketing support, we’ve compiled the strategies, the tactics and the channels that deliver…

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Meta Verified for Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

Meta hinted at a more robust verification program in early 2023 when it announced Meta Verified. Initially offered to creators, the subscription bundle is now available to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook business accounts. The bundle includes several exclusive resources designed to help brands get more from organic and paid efforts – but is it worth…

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a graphic showing hootsuite, loomly and buffer

Loomly vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer: What’s the Best Social Media Tool?

There are plenty of social media management software options out there – you might say too many. Each platform has its own features and pricing structure, which offers brands willing to do their homework an opportunity to find the right fit. Over the past several years, our social media marketing team has tested several platforms,…

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Facing Your Social Media Marketing Problems

Your customers are spending more time than ever on social media platforms. All that scrolling, swiping, and liking is driving renewed importance of social media marketing and social ecommerce, forcing brands to rethink how they present themselves to the world. The average American spent more than 1,300 hours on social media in 2020; now is…

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3 Ways You Can Use Animated GIFs in Digital Marketing

While there may be controversy about how to pronounce it, there’s no debate: GIFs kickstarted the shift to short-form video on social media. Before short-form video platforms like Vine hit app stores in 2012 and long before TikTok went global in 2016, GIFs were the most common short video. From Twitter to Tumblr, GIFs were…

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How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Fast

Marketers, whether part of a whole inbound team or the only team member, feel pressure to improve efficiency constantly. It’s great to always want to improve, but you might not know where to go next. That’s okay. While no true “quick fix” works for everyone, we’ve put together a few tips to help you prioritize…

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a female marketer looks at her coworker, a male marketer wearing glasses, while he searches his computer

The Top Social Media Trends in 2023

That’s a wrap for 2022. If you’re not sure what the new year will bring to your social media marketing, don’t worry. At Oneupweb, we are constantly looking forward make sure we’re not only ahead on trends but also able to help you start 2023 on the right foot. We’ll look at what 2022 social…

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Mobile Optimization Tips for Your Website and Other Digital Content

When smartphones first came on the scene, businesses created pared-down versions of their standard websites and called them their mobile sites. It worked. For a while. With the ever-increasing number of devices and screen types, mobile website optimization and design have become the default for all internet users. Marketing on the Move: Mobile-First is a…

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a female marketer looks at her coworker, a male marketer wearing glasses, while he searches his computer

Mastering Social Media on the SERP With 5 Social SEO Best Practices

Social media doesn’t stay on self-contained websites anymore. It’s all over the internet, from actors reacting to tweets in interviews to account links featured on nearly every company’s website. Social media posts are also becoming more vital to SEO, showing up on the SERP (search engine results pages) for some queries! Google searches frequently return…

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Here’s Your Monthly Social Media Report Template

Social media managers need to condense mountains of data into concise visual reports to show value and make informed decisions. We experimented with dozens of social media marketing report templates but couldn’t find one that met our needs – so we made our own in Looker Studio, formerly known as Data Studio. Download this customizable…

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