Featuring The One and Only Sara Ariza

Sara Ariza, Vice President Reading “Ogilvy on Advertising” in college solidified that I chose the right major. Working in my first agency role in Chicago confirmed I found the right career. My focus was on leading marketing strategy for the agencies top-tier financial, education and hospitality clients all the way to execution. Taking big-picture thinking…

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lauren hucek

Meet Lauren Hucek: Teamwork Goddess

Lauren Hucek, Project Manager In 2013, I traded the Chicago suburbs for small-town, rural living, and I haven’t looked back. Traverse City is the perfect blend of Midwestern hospitality, big-city dining and cultural amenities, and a thriving agricultural hub, all nestled against the backdrop of the Great Lakes – the planet’s largest freshwater system. In…

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anna kroger

Where Are They Now? Here’s Former Oneupweb Intern Anna Kroger

Full Name: Anna Kroger Current Position & Company: Account Manager, Intouch Solutions Position while at Oneupweb? Marketing Intern Year at Oneupweb? 2016 Describe your current position: I’m currently an account manager at a pharmaceutical marketing firm in Chicago. What’s one thing you learned at Oneupweb that you use daily? One thing I always commend the…

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two men in an office sit with their backs to the camera looking at the same computer

Where Are They Now? Oneupweb’s Former Marketing Intern Danny Madion

Full Name: Danny Madion Current Position & Company: Senior Analyst, Cornerstone Companies Position while at Oneupweb? Marketing Intern Years at Oneupweb? May-Aug 2015 Describe your current position: Financial analyst for medical real estate acquisitions What’s one thing you learned at Oneupweb that you use daily? Communication and organization are key to success in any context….

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kara cardoza

Meet Kara Cardoza: Head of Local SEO

Kara Cardoza, Head of Local SEO I’m a true northern Michigan native, having been born in Traverse City and raised in Elk Rapids. I have a Bachelor of Science in Secondary English Education from Ferris State University. In previous careers, I’ve worked in aviation and student financial aid, and I was a high school English…

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stephanie miller

Say Hello to Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller, Head of Technical SEO I’ve lived in many places and worn many hats, and writing has been a constant through all of it. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing), plus Germanic studies and anthropology degrees because why not. My career began in publishing and evolved to marketing and SEO,…

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25 employees on a video call screen while working remotely

How to Stay Connected When Working Remotely

Building Remote Company Culture We’ve been working from home for … approximately 3,781 days. Just kidding. Obviously, our marketing agency is blessed to be able to continue working remotely, providing services to our clients and staying healthy all the while. Even before 2020 threw us a curveball, we had a flexible work-from-home policy and a…

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oneupweb director of content marketing and seo freddy hunt's desk at his home in the garage. he called it the garoffice

How to Stay Sane and Productive While Working From Home: A Guide

 If I had a nickel for every time, someone said, “weird times” this past week. I’d be …   We’re all being potentially thrown into an unfamiliar situation with working from home (WFH, in case you’ve seen this acronym floating around and were too afraid to ask what it means), increased isolation and potential sickness floating…

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Oneupweb employee volunteering at reining liberty ranch

Therapy for Them, Therapy for Me

No matter what I’m doing when I’m volunteering at Reining Liberty Ranch, I always feel like I’m getting more than I’m giving. Reining Liberty Ranch, tucked away near all the bison fields in Traverse City, provides enriching experiences for veterans with therapy horses. Equine Assisted Therapy is treatment that incorporates equine activity or an equine…

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A male Oneupweb developer working at his desk.

Drupal Website Development Training

JD Antosiak is one of Oneupweb’s developers. He regularly writes about development topics, company culture and more. He was trained in Drupal through Evolving Web. As a developer at Oneupweb, I work furiously day in and day out on WordPress websites, but wanting to lend a hand with the fewer Drupal-platformed sites that come in…

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Oneupweb employee volunteering in kitchen

Glad Meals & Safe Harbor – Volunteer Profile

From Dark Alleys to Hot Waffles From a young age, I’ve been warned to avoid dark alleys, scruffy-looking men and anyone who appears to be “not all there.” Especially as a young, female runner, I was told to never go in the areas where homeless people were: Don’t go under the Union Street Bridge, avoid…

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Oneupweb employee speaking at a conference

Giving Back to Children In Our Community

JD Antosiak has been working with Oneupweb for a year and a half, he is a father of two and has been faithfully serving at Resurrection Life Church for almost 8 years. When I decided to switch jobs, it was more about culture, benefits and burnout than it was about money. My life looked different…

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