Oneupweb employee speaking at a conference

Giving Back to Children In Our Community

JD Antosiak has been working with Oneupweb for a year and a half, he is a father of two and has been faithfully serving at Resurrection Life Church for almost 8 years. When I decided to switch jobs, it was more about culture, benefits and burnout than it was about money. My life looked different…

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red rocky canyon spreading into the distance at dusk

What Oneupweb Did This Summer

Stephanie Miller is one of Oneupweb’s Content Marketing & SEO Project Managers I went to Lake Superior Provincial Park, north of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, twice this summer – once for backpacking and once for canoe camping. My boyfriend and I found camping spots overlooking Lake Superior and smaller inland lakes. We saw the…

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man sits at computer in front of whiteboard filled with mathematical figures

The Importance of Employee Training Programs

Developing a flexible and purposeful employee training program supports an enriching environment for everyone. Through skill-building training, excellent communication, and a willingness to ask questions, Oneupweb dedicates its employee development and training program to build a place where learning is a priority, not a buzzword. The Benefits of Employee Training and Development Oneupweb is invested…

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hand holding a pint of cider with dog in background at winery

3 Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Bars We Love in Traverse City

Tessa Lighty is Oneupweb’s social media coordinator. She’s one of many dog owners in the Oneupweb office. To see even more pictures of her dog, follow her on Instagram. My dog Morel goes everywhere with me. I’m not even kidding. I couldn’t bring her to a Halloween party last year, and I left after a…

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The Smart Commute Week Challenge

Andy Olds is Oneupweb’s PPC Project Manager and walks, bikes or skis to work regularly. He was Oneupweb’s captain for Smart Commute Week. Tessa Lighty is Oneupweb’s Social Media Coordinator and helped Andy rally the team for the week. As part of an annual celebration of cycling, walking, skateboarding, swimming, paddling, skipping, taking the bus,…

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Susie Grace portrait

Meet Susie “Let’s Test It” Grace: Oneupweb’s Newest UI/UX Designer

Name: Susie Grace Position: UI/UX Designer What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? I’m pretty new, so I still do a lot of listening and absorbing. I’m currently doing a lot of graphic design work but will be moving into more testing, CRO [conversion rate optimization] and UX [user experience]. So, currently I push pixels,…

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two hot dogs on buns with chips and potato salad on paper plate

What a Hot Dog Fundraiser Taught Me About My Coworkers

This blog was written by Freddy Hunt, Oneupweb’s director of SEO & Content Marketing. Connect with him on LinkedIn! It’s not easy asking your coworkers to donate their hard-earned money. After all, they come into the office to make money, not to give it away. I was recruited by my brother-in-law to raise money for…

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Kristen Nelson portrait

Meet Kristen “Plant-Friendly” Nelson: Our New Administrative Assistant

Name: Kristen Nelson Position: Administrative Assistant What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? You can usually find me darting around the office, and I’ll probably be carrying something heavy or awkwardly shaped. This is the only office job I’ve had where I need to really think about what sensible shoes to wear. When I’m not running…

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Paul Houser portrait

Meet Our Overly Dramatic and Nosey Development Manager, Paul Houser

Name: Paul Houser Role: Development Manager What exactly do you do? My official title at Oneupweb is Senior Development Manager, but I give myself the role “Developer Advocate” whenever the opportunity presents itself. As the department manager, I coordinate our website development team within the company, assign projects, balance timelines and workloads, and assist my…

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April Danielson portrait

Meet April Danielson, Account Manager, Mom and Chocolate Chip Cookie Enthusiast

Name: April Danielson Position: Account Manager What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? An average day is usually filled with lots of emails, lots of meetings and random conversations usually shaped around everyone’s kids, dogs or food. Tell us about a favorite Oneupweb moment. Oh man, there are so many great moments to choose from,…

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workers in an open office setting surrounded by plants

How to Celebrate Earth Day When You Work in an Office

It can be hard to celebrate Earth Day when you work in an office all day. If you’re stuck staring out a window at work, wondering how to celebrate Earth Day, try putting some office initiatives in place for a more environmental workplace. Below is what the Oneupweb office does to stay environmentally conscious. There…

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Andy Olds portrait

Meet Andy “Funky” Olds, PPC Extraordinaire

Position: PPC Project Manager Choreographer of the Funky Dope Beat Maneuver What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? I maintain and optimize clients’ advertisements on paid media and make improvements based on results of data analysis. Tell us about a favorite Oneupweb moment. The day a conversation led to the loosening of the anti-Oxford comma…

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