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How Healthcare and Medical Businesses Can Choose the Right Internal Email and Email Marketing Platforms

How can healthcare and medical businesses choose the right internal email and email marketing platforms? Well, to be honest, it just depends. Below, your marketing experts at Oneupweb have outlined two of healthcare organizations’ most common uses for email, and the main things to keep in mind when choosing an email service provider (ESP): Email […]

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The Now and Future of Email Marketing

Don’t Get left Behind.   The question of the day. YOU: Is email marking important? OUW: The answer is, YES, of course! YOU: But why even bother, when people won’t open it? OUW: So you think your email is bad, really bad eh? Well, the least it will do is remind the customer that you […]

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Is Email Marketing Something That We Should Consider?

If your digital marketing strategy were a family portrait, email marketing would be the red headed stepchild. Let’s give it a makeover… Why does it matter?  Because it works!  Whether you’re a business that offers products or services that tie to an E-commerce site or you’re a consulting firm that sells high price services, email […]

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Goal setting

5 Tips for Goal-Setting in Digital Marketing

If you asked everyone in your marketing department to name his or her top goals for the company, would the answers match up? I’m going to go out on a heavily reinforced steel limb and say, probably not. And that’s OK. In marketing, that highly sought-after “same songbook” is not always the only one worth […]

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A Farting Christmas

The holidays are an important time in the marketing world. And this year, holiday greeting cards have taken quite an interesting turn.

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Twitter Profits With Advertising & Paid Subscriptions

Twitter has a huge challenge ahead in maintaining and growing its user base while delivering a revenue stream for its investors. No internet phenomenon can survive forever on venture capital alone. The Twitter phenomenon reminds me of the early days of email. (Yes, I’m old enough to remember the early days of email.) It was […]

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