two men crouch over camera equipment in a green grass yard in front of a nice house while filming franchise marketing videos and photography

Video Production Costs (and What You’re Really Paying For)

When it comes to supporting your brand, nothing provides more immediate and long-term value than high-quality video content. The cost of video marketing and the cost of video production are relatively small investments for brands with expansive marketing efforts. The key to making it worth your while? Capturing content that can be used to level…

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a husband and wife swing their daughter on her arms playing in the front yard of a large, nicely painted house

Oneupweb 2022 Year in Photos

This year’s image collection comes from two of Oneupweb’s talented creative team members: Rob Vanderstelt and Emily Nelson. Enjoy the images they have created and collected. Rob’s Photos: “Just a mix of my favorite shots, these are great examples when everything comes together, from casting, location, wardrobe, HMUA, lighting, etc. all comes together and creates…

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Person holds TV remote while watching Youtube on Smart TV

FAQs About YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that happens to be the second largest* search engine in the world, sitting second-step behind its sister company, Google. Billions of users log-in in every month and they’re doing more than just watching cat videos. People rely on YouTube to research products, watch how-to videos and follow the news. Learn…

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mr electric employee leans out window of van to wave

Creative Services Case Study: Neighborly

Oneupweb has worked with home services franchise leader Neighborly® brands for years – since before they were even known as Neighborly. Initially providing SEO services for Molly Maid 10+ years ago, we have since expanded our services with Neighborly brands to include everything from UX and website design & development to content marketing and social…

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a storyboard example of the three little pigs

Storyboarding Tips for Marketing Videos & Free Storyboard Template

The Best Productions Start with Great Preproduction Have you ever gone grocery shopping without a shopping list? If you have, you probably know the feeling of walking out with a cart full of food and still forgetting the stuff you really needed. Filming a video is like making a trip to the grocery store. Your…

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a man prepares to film a man and woman sitting on stools

How Effective is Video Marketing? ROI, Stats and Rationale

There’s ample evidence that video marketing is a smart investment. For B2B and B2C companies, video content can be utilized on your website, social media, paid search, third-party publishers and other channels to drive awareness and conversions. Does the strategy stand up when you dive deeper into video marketing stats? Let’s get into the numbers….

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graphic of white clapperboard on teal blue background with "the rise of digital marketing" in text on top of it

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Every Kind of Business

While a catchy tagline and a polished image in a magazine might have captivated audiences in years past, the days of static content have gone by the wayside. From news outlets to social media platforms, more publishers are adopting a video-first approach to providing content. Consumers spend more time interacting with screen media than ever,…

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a man holds a digital camera up to his eyes to take a photograph while in an office setting

Video and Photography Marketing Glossary

With modern technology, anyone can successfully incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy. If you’re still learning digital video terminology, our glossary was made for you. Find a list of video marketing terms you’ll encounter as you expand your video marketing strategy and campaigns, as well as photography glossary terms that are relevant to…

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Oneupweb’s 2021 Year in Pictures

This selection of images from our photography team in 2021 is just the beginning of the magic we create for our clients. Our photo and video team is hard at work throughout the year, concepting ideas, scheduling shoots, finding talent, and, ultimately, creating striking images for our client’s websites or social media. Enjoy. “Photos from…

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two electricians work on a job site, checking their job book

Website Design and Development Snapshot: Windemuller

In early 2021, Windemuller, a Michigan-based electrical and design-build contractor, set their sights on a new website. With Oneupweb’s help, we successfully launched a new website that showcases their variety of services. The Problem: Windemuller needed a modern, easy-to-navigate website that made their services easy to understand. With nearly 100 core pages explaining their specialties,…

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Video marketing expert adjusts her camera lens

Benefits of Video Marketing

Investing in professional video marketing can do a lot for your brand, including: If your business hasn’t gone all-in on video, we recommend checking out this lucrative marketing tool. Because at Oneupweb, we see firsthand the transformative results that video can have on brand awareness and the bottom line. Here’s what to know. What Is…

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an experienced video marketing expert wearing a mask uses his camera to create a video in a shop

How to Find an Experienced Video Marketing Expert

Looking for a stellar video marketing agency or freelance expert? Read about what makes the best video marketing experts and learn how to snag one. Finding a True Video Marketing Expert Video marketing is not an easy feat; hours and hours of work go into just seconds of a final cut. Even the seemingly simplest…

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